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Strategy Guide: The Eight Gates

Posted by [email protected] on April 20, 2013 at 1:45 PM

In general, there are two ways to win "The Eight Gates."  Both of them involve wrapping turrets tightly around your Capitol from the inside out.

I'm going to show you both of the two major strategies I use to win The Eight Gates: the one-spiral strategy and the two-spiral strategy.

First, the one-spiral strategy.  Start by wrapping up your Capitol like so:

You'll notice that the enemy can now approach the Capitol only from the east side.  At the same time, we've left a clear path between our Capitol and our Extractors, which ensures that we maximize our income.

As we collect additional gold, we close off the eastern section and then build a few Grenade Tossers:

The enemy is now forced to approach our Capitol ONLY from the west side.  Now we continue the pattern, building extra Lightning Towers near the area on the east side where enemy forces will stop to attack our Capitol:

Now we'll show you the two-spiral approach.  Start the mission by wrapping your Capitol like this:

Again, note how we've left a clear route for our Collectors to deliver resources to our Capitol.  Now we'll close off the holes so the enemy units can only hit the northwest and southeast corners of our Capitol:

Next, we build several Grenade Tossers to help clear out large groups of enemy ground units:

Finally, we continue to extend the pattern all the way around our base, adding lots of Lightning Towers to take down the larger units and upgrading a lot of the Gun Turrets nearest to our Capitol.

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