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Strategy Guide: The Lost City

Posted by [email protected] on April 24, 2013 at 6:15 PM

In The Lost City, you're in a race with the red player.  Each of you has abandoned buildings you can acquire very rapidly and expand to the opposite side of the map, with the AI player expanding quickly from the northeast to the northwest and the human player expanding from the southwest to the southeast.

At the start, you will need to quickly sell abandoned buildings and place new skyscrapers at just the right locations along your eastern border to allow continued expansion.  While doing this, you will need to begin to block off your base along its top edge.

First, sell the abandoned buildings inside your territory and build a skyscraper as shown.

Next, place a Gun Turret as shown and continue expanding eastward.  Also place  two Dropship Pads to block off the tiles west of your Capitol.

Once you're able to afford it, also build a Missile Launcher and a third Dropship Pad next to your Capitol as shown, to force the enemy to attack your Capitol on the east side.  Prioritize expansion while doing so -- you do not want to let up on the expansion, and it's the highest priority.

Finally, you should be able to expand all the way to the east and begin to capture the gold and crystals along the southeastern edge of the map.

We've captured the resources ...

Now we can start to upgrade our Skyscrapers for income while also cranking up our defenses and building more offensive units.

Notice how we keep building all our defenses and our offensive units along a line to the east?  We're forcing the red units to take the longest possible path.  Make sure you have several Gun Turrets and Missile Launchers near your Capitol to help take down both the Gunships and the ground units, along with at least one well-placed Disruptor.  A Ground Slammer near the Capitol is also a huge help.  Eventually your city should look something like this:

Finally, crank up the income with more Skyscrapers, upgrade your units, and you should be able to steamroll the enemy without too much difficulty (except in Hard mode, where it will be quite a challenge, of course -- but I'm assuming that if you're reading this, you're not playing on Hard anyway).

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