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Strategy Guide: The Gauntlet

Posted by [email protected] on May 17, 2013 at 2:50 PM

By popular demand, today's strategy guide shows you how the run The Gauntlet.

The popup hints at the beginning of the second attack phase tell you everything you need to know to win this mission.  However, if you're still determined to spoil the fun for yourself, go ahead and keep reading.

Have you ever seen a spaghetti western movie where the hero is able to defeat a seemingly endless stream of angry natives, only because the indigenous peoples decided to attack the main character one at a time instead of ganging up on him all at once?

Well, in the Gauntlet, your forces are those indigenous peoples.  Your city is currently sending your forces out in a long stream, allowing the powerful slow-firing enemy Lightning Towers plenty of time to pick them all off one by one.

In order to solve this, all you need to do is sort them by speed.

  • Rollers are the fastest, so swap them to the inside of your city.
  • Crusaders and Hover Artillery are the second-fastest, so swap them in just inside of your Rollers.
  • CosmoKnights and Tanks are the slowest, so sort them right to the outside of your city, near the exit.
  • Shield Generators, Commandos, and Guardians match the speed of the closest unit(s), so mix them in with your most powerful units (your Crusaders and Hover Artillery).
  • Your Gunships will do best if you sort them to the Dropship Pads along the south.
  • In each case, rember that upgraded units get a slight speed boost over non-upgraded units.  So sort the upgraded units closer to the inside of each group.
If you do that, your city should look like this:

You should be able to do all of this swapping inside a single combat phase.

Notice that your units are now much more tightly packed:

...  and they can march past the enemy's Lightning Towers and into the soft, Gun-Turret-protected underbelly of the enemy's base.

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