The Intelligence Engine


This section lists Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for multiplayer, general technical issues, and gameplay.

If you encounter any issues not listed here or have additional questions, feel free to post to our Forums.


  • A small percentage of users are encountering issues with the iPhone 5 where the buttons in the title screen and other screens are much too large.  We have a fix in the works for this issue and are waiting on approval from Apple for the update.



Android FAQ

  • When will the Android version be released? Soon!!!  We already have an early version running on a Samsung Galaxy Tab and we expect to release for Android by the end of January 2013.
  • What will the minimum technical specs be for Android?  It will require a device that supports a minimum resolution of 800x600 and the Ice Cream Sandwich OS.


Multiplayer FAQ

  • If you have problems connecting to the lobby or connecting to other devices:
    • First, make sure you're connected to a Wi-Fi network.  City Conquest requires an active Wi-Fi connection in order to play.  To check this, go to the Settings icon on your iOS device, then go to Wi-Fi near the top, and make sure you are connected to a Wi-Fi network.
    • If you still have problems, check your Wi-Fi network and make sure it's functioning properly, and also ensure that you're close enough to the Wi-Fi hotspot to form a good connection.  In some rare cases, internet firewalls may cause issues with gameplay, and you may need to disable these in order to play City Conquest.
    • If you consistently find that you are unable to connect to the lobby and/or to other players after taking these steps, you may need to reset your network settings.  This is extremely rare, but we have found that it does help in those very rare cases.  WARNING: Taking this step will erase all your network settings, including all of your network passwords!  Please be aware of the risk before proceeding with this step.  To do this, go to Settings -> General -> Reset and select Reset Network Settings.
  • When I try to set my player name in the multiplayer setup screen, it changes it to "Invalid Name."  Why does it do that?  The game includes a profanity filter for player names, as we feel a sense of responsibility for the City Conquest multiplayer experience and we want to ensure that it does not turn into a disrespectful, profanity-laden environment as so many multiplayer games have done.  Try changing your name to something more likely to pass through the profanity filter.
  • I see a player in the lobby who says "Running Newer Version" next to his name, and his name is in red and crossed out.  What does this mean?  This may be one of the Intelligence Engine Studios developers running the game in development, or it may mean there's a new update out for the game.  If you see more than one player in the lobby with this text, check the App Store to see if there is an update available for City Conquest.  If so, please update; if not, it was a developer working on an update that isn't yet available.
  • What do the little bars next to a player's name mean in the multiplayer lobby?  They indicate that player's connection status.  More bars indicate a better connection.  It's best to play with people who have better connections as you're less likely to experience lag and latency issues.
  • When my game says "Waiting for Network" and then counts to 30 and disconnects, why does it do that?  What just happened?  Chances are good that either the other player disconnected through some means other than exiting through the menu (they may have turned off the device, moved outside of WiFi range, quit the game via the Home button, or something like that), or that either your network or the other player's network suffered an unrecoverable interruption.  There is, unfortunately, nothing the game can really do in this case except wait for 30 seconds and then give up.
  • I keep losing multiplayer games!  What am I doing wrong?  The best way to learn to play multiplayer is to buy the full game and play through the single-player campaign.  Outside of that, though, we can tell you that the #1 mistake that ALL new players make is that they don't get enough income fast enough.  99% of victories in multiplayer come down to your economic edge.  Be sure to look around the map and find the closest gold and crystal deposits to your Capitol!
    • Build Extractors on all the gold and crystal deposits you can reach
    • Build Skyscrapers along the edge of your city to extend the boundaries of your city to reach the other gold and crystal deposits
    • Keep upgrading you Skyscrapers!  Level 1 Skyscrapers don't generate any income, but level 2 and 3 Skyscrapers do.  You should focus on upgrading a few Skyscrapers early in the game, while your Capitol is still easy to defend, and then make a habit of upgrading at least one or two Skyscrapers every deployment turn.
    • Remember that you can compare your income to the opposing player's income by selecting each Capitol.  Your enemy's Capitol will automatically display its income from Extractors and upgraded Skyscrapers in the popup box when you click on it; when you click on your own Capitol, you can press the button in the upper-right corner of the info popup box to switch to this same income display.


Technical FAQ

  • What are the minimum technical requirements? The iOS version requires an iPad 2/3/4/Mini, iPhone 4/4S/5, or an iPod Touch 4/5.
  • If you experience crashes: We have received almost no reports of crashes with City Conquest.  However, if you do experience crashes, particularly on loading the game, you may want to try closing other apps to free additional memory for City Conquest.  To do this, double-click the Home button on your iOS device and then close other apps in the listing of running apps along the bottom of your screen.  Note that this will close those applications, so be careful not to close any apps that you don't mind kicking out of memory.
  • I played a few missions on one of my iOS devices; how do I transfer my progress to the other one?  Currently, there is no way to transfer mission progress from one device to another.  In a future update, we hope to automatically sync progress across devices through iCloud.


Gameplay FAQ

  • What are the rules for where I can build?  I am finding that in some cases the game is not letting me build where I want to.  The game will not allow you to build in any way that would block off any open tile from being able to reach BOTH players' Capitols.  So you cannot "fence in" any open tiles, and you should try filling them in with other buildings first.  You also may not surround (block off all four possible exits) from any Capitol, Dropship Pad, gold deposit, crystal deposit, or Extractor building.
  • How are the unit paths determined in the game (the animated red and blue arrows)?  I'm seeing that sometimes, when I place a building, the enemy's path will switch to somewhere totally different.  At any given moment, units will always take the shortest possible path from their Dropship Pad to the enemy player's Capitol.  If their path changes suddenly, it's because another path suddenly became the shortest possible path.
  • Do the effects of multiple Shield Generators stack?  I.e. if I have multiple Shield Generators covering a unit, do I get more shielding?  No.  Each unit is considered "shielded" by the Shield Generator with the strongest shield that currently covers it.
  • How does the Shield Generator's damage mitigation work?  Shield Generators mitigate half of the damage up to a certain amount from each attack a unit receives.  In other words, they do not block incoming damage completely -- they only block a fixed amount, and that amount increases with additional Shield Generator upgrades.


In-Game Options FAQ

  • Player Name: You can click this box to set your player name. 
  • Sound Effects: This option turns off in-game sound effects.
  • Play Music During Missions: This option turns off the music played in the background during missions and allows you to set the music volume if active.  It does not turn off the title screen music.
  • Clouds Enabled: Turning off this option will turn off the white clouds that float overhead, along with their shadows, and will also disable the floating sand whorls on some desert maps.  Turn this off only if you are experiencing performance problems on a low-end device such as an iPod Touch 4, or if you find the clouds too distracting.
  • Use Small Path Arrows: Turning off this option will replace the small red and blue path arrows with larger path arrows that are fewer in number.
  • Show Post-Game Summary in Single-Player: Enabling this option will show the multiplayer post-game summary screen (a bar chart comparing resources earned, effects used, etc) every time you win or lose a single-player mission.
  • Dynamically Adjust Graphics For Optimal Performance: This option determines whether the game can make small sacrifices in graphical quality for the sake of improved performance.  It is on by default.  When it is enabled, the game will continuously monitor the frame rate and make small adjustments to things like shadow rendering and influence map rendering to try to get the frame rate back up.  It's usually a good idea to leave this on, as the  game will only make these graphical fidelity sacrifices if the frame rate demands it.
  • Lobby Monitor Widget in Single-Player: When enabled, this option will show a small widget that continuously monitors the multiplayer lobby and tells you how many other players are present in the lobby and available to play an internet multiplayer game.  It automatically times out after 30 minutes of game time, but you can refresh it by opening the Options and toggling the option back on again.